Resolved to Communicate

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that one just has to take. And while I had every intention of growing Stephen Koranda & Associates and not moving from Kansas, when I learned about the opportunity in Norman, Oklahoma, to direct the CVB, I had to take it. Besides, in today’s economy, one has to go with a sure thing.

Naturally I still have contacts with associates and if either one of us can assist, please let me know. But in the meantime, I’ll focus on the immediate task at hand – the Norman, OK CVB. In the spirit of Bill Geists’ last Z-news, I still plan to continue these dialogues so that we continue to connect. What will you find with the monthly Five @ 5?

1. Ideas, tips, and best practices I discover. While I’m going to bring a lot of ideas from Kansas, I’m going to learn more from Oklahoma. And I’ve already connected with colleagues in Texas that are sharing. If I can forward any thoughts, you’ll read about them.

2. Lessons learned from mistakes made. Seriously, we’re not all perfect. A buddy of mine in Kansas laughs when he tells me about mistakes he made in Atlantic City. Sure they’re great to hear over a beer, but they’re also great lessons.

3. Research. Yes, we’re all doing our own primary research to learn more about our customers, but if I can uncover some incredible secondary research that will help us all, why not share it!?

4. Comments from colleagues in response to these posts. One is below. Others will be added as they come in. There’s many of us that have ideas, lessons and information. Let’s share. Which leads to…

5. Increased tools for dialogue. Besides these monthly sharings, I’m working with my webmaster to create a forum on the website. Post a question. Respond to a question. Share some information. Communicate! “Share concepts that, combined and debated, could recreate this crazy business in which we find ourselves” as Bill says.

One thing I’m learning doesn’t differ on this side of the state line – tourism is all about partnerships, sharing and communication. Here’s hoping this Jayhawk in Sooner country can foster the communication and help us all grow and succeed in 2009. I look forward to hearing what is on your mind!

(Originally posted December 2009)

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