Sometimes Its the Simple Reminders

Miss me last month? I’d like to think the 5th of June ended and you screamed “Where’s Stephen’s Five @ 5!?” For both of you that asked about this correspondence’s where abouts, budget time at our CVB, other ‘fireworks’ at the Bureau, vacation preparation, and, well, life happened!

There were feelings of being overwhelmed. Feelings of guilt ’cause I can’t get a simple newsletter out. Feelings of ‘holy crap, can there be any more?’ But then a magical day happened and I’m reminded… Nothing terribly profound… Just simple things that are this month’s Five @ 5.

1. Take time for you. When is the last time you had a vacation? When is the last time you had a day off? Sure there’s all the stuff and email that piles up the week one is out of the office, but some times we just gotta get away! Oh, and I hate to hurt your esteem, but it will run while you’re out of the office!

2. It’s okay to ask for help. I’ve been handling my father’s affairs since his death and got behind on a couple of things. My brother called me and asked what he could do to help. ‘I’ve got it’ I told him. He replied with a gentle, ‘It’s okay to ask for help. I won’t think any less of you.’ I don’t believe your board or co-workers will think less of you either.

3. Slow down and pace yourself and you’ll finish. Runners will know this and being a runner I shouldn’t have had to be reminded but within two days, two very different runs helped me recall this lesson for everything in life. Slow down. Do one thing on that ‘to-do’ list at a time and you’ll finish it.

4. Pick yourself up and move. Actually lyrics from Switchfoot hit me one night (during that a fore mentioned run.) Something not go your way? Make a mistake? Board critisize you for something? It’s okay! I dare you to life yourself up off the floor. I dare you to move like today never happened…

5. Take time for Him. Good devotions hit us at the perfect time don’t they!? This one compared a bird trapped in a garage to us trapped in our busy lives. The bird wouldn’t stop so they could be rescued. We need stop and go to Him so he can assist us in the planning and organizing of our day. He knows what you will be facing and longs to prevent you from ‘banging’ your head against the wall. Won’t you fall into the open arms of your Father and allow him to rescue you? He is waiting.

These probably aren’t going to help your bottom line, let alone attract a visitor to your community or attraction, but then again, if the bureau or attraction shuts down ’cause staff has ‘lost it’, you’re not going to attract visitors then either. Sometimes it’s taking care of ourselves and re-energizing us that help us get back to the task at hand!

(Originally posted February 2010)

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