Are We As Bad As Automated?

I called to have our phone lines moved. Went through the automated system. Gave Mr. Computer my account number and address. First thing the live customer service representative asked for? Yep, my account number and address! I laughed and asked her if that hadn’t popped up on her screen. She said no. I then asked (nicely) then why did I have to give all my information to the computer? She said she didn’t know and shared they wonder themselves.

It got me thinking… are we doing the same thing? When someone calls in, they may share information about their conference or reunion or anything so we can decipher who to direct the call to. Wonder if they’ll appreciate a simple “I apologize, but in order for Joe to help you best, you’ll probably have to repeat your information.” It might at least deaden the sting.

What do you think?

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