Another Cliche New Year Read

Well not really.  New Year.  Resolutions.  Blah.  Blah.  Yuckity yuck.
I don’t make resolutions.  Heck, I’ve already had a soda this year.  (More than one if you count Dr. Pepper 10.)  I’ve gone a day without kissing my wife and left the office without addressing all the new emails in my inbox.  I know by January 2 or 3 resolutions are by the way side.
But then again I’m reminded that really the problem is we come out of the blocks January 1 in a sprint when this whole new/better you thing is a marathon over the year.  And it’s okay to stumble out of the blocks just so long as we keep going!
Here’s thoughts on how your entire year can be better.  Not just the first week or so.

Learn More… What book are you going to read this year?  And not a teen supernatural fiction.  One that is going to help you in your profession.  I have 14 identified that I want to read.  This year I’m gonna read one of them.  First up is Getting Things Done by David Allen.  Others that peak my interest are Destination Marketing Organizations Bridging Theory and Practice by Steven PikeMarketing in Leisure and Tourism by Patricia Click Janes  and Marketing Outrageously by John Spolestra.  I’ll put the entire list on my website.

There’s also tons of research and you don’t really need to dig for it (or pay).  It comes to your inbox.  US Travel Association sends a weekly news brief.  Every other issue or so has a story on research, trends or an industry study.  I also like Lou Taverna’s Hospitality Newsmaker Alert.  Again, periodic research or trends.  The third I like is’s Internet Travel Monitor.  The Marketing & Research and Technology Bits are great!

Relate More… That thing in your hand does something really cool and it’s not Angry Birds.  It allows you to talk to someone miles away.  Hear their voice.  Laugh with them.  Pick up the phone and call someone once a week.  Not just old friends too.  When was the last time you went out to eat with the Chamber person, City Council rep, Parks and Recs Director?  Don’t get complacent about those relationships.

Work Smarter… I’ve started on David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  I’ve completed Order From Chaos and am trying to implement Liz Davenport’s cockpit system.  Hopefully I’ll get more things ticked off my to-do list and not have so many small pieces of paper lying around with scribbles on them.

Stress Less… Really it starts with exercise.  I’m not talking running a marathon.  Simple stress reducing exercises that relax muscles, gives you a feeling of happiness, reduces pent up frustrations, and takes your mind off of problems.  On top of all that, you’ll look better and have more energy too!  Energy to stay up late cleaning out the email inbox.

Believe More… Just tonight the Bible story I read my 4-year-old reminded us that He provides food for the birds and clothes for flowers.  Aren’t you more valuable than they?  “Seek first His kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well!”

Here’s to a great 2012!  Thanks for reading!

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