44 Marketing Tips, Trends and more for 2012

Here we go… 44 tips, trends, initiatives to consider if you are going to move some dials in 2012.  Full disclosure – they’re not mine.  I’ve gathered them.  You employ them and watch this year rock!

2012 Successfull Website Checklist… 11 things to consider for that website of yours.  (I don’t even ask if you have a website.  If you don’t, quit now.  Seriously, just quit.)  Content, media, social, calls to action, and mobile.  Take a gander at the list and get with your webmaster.

6 Important Marketing Trends to Watch in 2012… Maybe not the most groundbreaking of list but then again, the simple reminders that “photos are the thing” and “creativity is the center stage” are maybe just the reminders we need to get us out of a rut.  Those 6 are here.

5 Marketing Trends to Ask to Grow Your Business… Sometimes a little reflection is needed.  “What did my marketing dollars do to grow my business?”  “How focused were my efforts?”  And “What programs did I add that made an impact?”  Stop.  Reflect and consider what lessons might be learned THEN move forward!  Those questions are here.

10 Digital Trends Set to Go Mass Market in 2012… It is about working smarter.  Defining your inner circle, personalizing your news feeds beyond RSS feeds, utilizing clouds, geo-tags and location-based discovery.  How might these 10 trends affect or assist what we’re doing?

12 Marketing Predictions for 2012… We just got on Facebook.  We finally are sending e-newsletters.  Now we need to integrate the two?  Are customers will be a part of our marketing team?  More on location-based marketing… the predictions are on MarketingProfs.com but if you don’t want to register, grab a PDF of the article here 12 Marketing Predictions For 2012.

Good luck going through things!  Here’s to a great 2012!  Thanks for reading!

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