Email Marketing Part II

Last month I shared some tips and ideas about email marketing.  Apparently I’m not the only one discussing email marketing these days.

Consider these recent articles:

Five Ways to Create an E-Mail Marketing Campaign That People Will Notice

In a world where social media gives businesses more immediate ways to connect with customers, is email marketing still relevant? It appears so. In fact, the volume of email marketing messages remained at record-setting levels in June, according to research director at Responsys, and retail email volume will grow about 20 percent this year thanks to a shift away from old-school direct mail and print. That makes for a more crowded party. Your emails are competing with millions of others, which means you must be intentional in your efforts to create messages that truly engage your customers. Here’s how. more

Nineteen (19!) Ideas for Growing Your Email List

What would you rather have, a big list with dismal conversion rates or a smaller list targeting a highly engaged audience?  Thought so.  For a healthy opt-in email list, quality always trumps quantity, and here are 19 budget-friendly ways to get the list you want.  What you’ll find here are a few new twists to familiar tactics, along with real results and examples, to help you implement these ideas more effectively yourself.  more

Email Marketing – the New Mobile Marketing Search Engine Watch

A new study has revealed strong increases in the interaction of mobile devices with email marketing. In the first six months of 2012, 36 percent of emails sent were opened on a mobile device – a 32 percent increase over the last half of 2011, when 27 percent of sent emails were opened via a mobile device. That’s massive in the span of just a few months. What’s it mean? Email marketing is becoming mobile marketing.  more

4 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Marketing American Express Open Forum

Despite the rumors and meteoric rise of social media in recent years, email marketing is far from becoming a lost art form. Instead, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms can provide serious momentum to an e-mail campaign and vice versa. But exactly how do you go about blending these two approaches? more

Email Marketing Lessons from Seinfeld

Although the iconic 1990s sitcom “Seinfeld” might not seem the most likely source of practical advice, some of its most memorable moments provide lessons for improving your email marketing. more

Hope you garner one or two nuggets from these!  We’re constantly learning in our office and I’m reading articles and blogs trying to get better at it.  As I read and put it into practice, I’ll share more with you.

Talk to you next month.

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