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Resolve for a Better Business in 2015

How’s that new year’s resolution going? Many of us are on our annual quests to better ourselves through resolutions. Seven days in… cut extra spending? Still exercising? Seven days without a cigarette? Keeping up with your read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year program? What about our … Continue reading

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Kansas Tourism Conference Summary

The Kansas Tourism Conference theme was Capitalizing on Tourism.  (The conference was held in the Kansas capital Topeka.)  The sub-theme might as well have been Getting Back to Basics.  Roger Brooks opened the conference with a two-part full morning general … Continue reading

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That’s It! I’m Getting Organized!

I’m writing this 10 days after I was supposed to post it. (“5 at 5” means five things posted or shared on the 5th day of each month.) On the 5th, I left the office with more than 1,100 emails … Continue reading

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44 Marketing Tips, Trends and more for 2012

Here we go… 44 tips, trends, initiatives to consider if you are going to move some dials in 2012.  Full disclosure – they’re not mine.  I’ve gathered them.  You employ them and watch this year rock! 2012 Successfull Website Checklist… … Continue reading

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Another Cliche New Year Read

Well not really.  New Year.  Resolutions.  Blah.  Blah.  Yuckity yuck.   I don’t make resolutions.  Heck, I’ve already had a soda this year.  (More than one if you count Dr. Pepper 10.)  I’ve gone a day without kissing my wife … Continue reading

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Downburst Aftermath

I darn near cried as I called our building’s owner to tell her a downburst took off a third of our roof and ensuing rains damaged 10 of our 13 offices/rooms. Calls to my Board chair and staff were more … Continue reading

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Too Eager Out of the Gate

A friend and colleague, Craig Molitor, recently landed the Fond Du Lac, WI, CVB gig. As I emailed congratulations, I was completing my first year review. Naturally my mind started thinking of all the changes I would have made that … Continue reading

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