The combined experience of our associates collectively provides many years of marketing, advertising, organizational development, and event management experience.  While our strength is in destination marketing (tourism) and economic development, our experience and skills transcend industries.  Together, we have assembled a team of professionals able to synthesize information, conceptualize solutions, and creatively solve problems.

Marketing – Fresh ideas and strategies for your advertising campaigns and/or marketing plans.  Members of the team have won numerous awards for ad design and copy writing.  Whether single ad design or full marketing plans, we can help improve your products’ or services’ image and brand.

Internet and mobile marketing is a must today and we can analyze your site to determine how easy it is for your customers to locate what they’re in search of.

Sports marketing is often overlooked by destination marketing organization.  Our team can analyze your destination for potential sports markets and even assist in the recruiting of or development of destination sports events.

Public Relations – Through market research, a thorough evaluation of your product, service, destination (or the customer’s perception of) can be done.  Once data is collected and challenges are identified, solutions are presented in a campaign strategy to meet goals and objectives.

Research – How does the customer perceive your product, service or destination?  Who is your customer?  We can design, gather, analyze, and report the information that can be used to improve marketing strategies.

Product Development (Destinations) – How does the visitor view your destination? Signage, parking, overall appeal, variety of things to see and do, customer service, transportation routes… by reviewing your destination through the visitor’s eyes, an analysis can be done and suggestions made to further develop the product (or destination.)

Are the ideas for a festival or event that can be developed?  Truly unique special events can drive traffic to your destination.

Organization Development – Facilitation of strategic planning sessions can help a board and/or staff develop a multi-year strategic master plan.  Perhaps your board or staff needs to even step back and craft a philosophy, vision and mission of the board, organization or destination.  Our partners can facilitate that discussion and provide a report including a master plan.

Organizational review – is there a need for an analysis of the organization?  Budget and finances, board involvement and responsibilities, personnel procedures and staff structure, public and community relations… other organizations have valued our analysis and appreciated our suggestions for re-tooling operations.

Event Management – Are there ideas for a festival or event that can be developed?  Truly unique special events can drive traffic to your destination.  Does your existing festival or special event need coordination?  Annual meetings, state conferences, local and national sporting events have all been planned by our team.

Other services

  • Speaking engagement.  Stephen has has emceed annual meetings and conferences, been a special guest speaker for the Missouri Association of CVBs and Oklahoma Arts Council conferences, annual meetings, and service clubs.
  • Developing funding option for destination marketing organizations (CVBs).
  • Video production. Promote your destination visually.